Current and Past Directors


It was agreed at the AGM in 2009 that each member will be entitled to have one representative (also known as a “CASA Director”) on the Executive Committee of CASA, It was also agreed that the Senior CASA Squash Championships (which had been held biennially since 1977) would become an annual event from 2010. As a result the biennial Southern Caribbean Squash Championships (last held in 2008 in Guyana) were discontinued.  General Meetings of CASA used to be held every two years to coincide with the staging of the senior CASA Championships but have been held annually from 2009.

2015/17 Directors

CASA TitleNameCountry
President Ms. Janet SairsinghCayman Islands
Vice President Mr. Ramon Chan-a-SueGuyana
Secretary Mr. Craig ArcherBarbados
TreasurerMr. Ian PatrickCayman Islands
DirectorMr. William CumberbatchBarbados
DirectorMr. Patrick FosterBermuda
DirectorMr. Douglas BeckfordJamaica
DirectorMr. David PiperEastern Caribbean
DIrectorMr. Colin RamasraTrinidad & Tobago
DirectorMr. Francisco ParadisiVenezuela

2013/15 Directors

The previous CASA Directors served from August 2013-15 and were reappointed unopposed to serve for a further two year period beginning August 16, 2013
CASA TitleNameE-MailTerritory
PresidentMr. Ronald Burch-Smithrburchsmith@hotmail.comGuyana
Vice-PresidentMr. Douglas Beckfordsquashmanja@hotmail.comJamaica
SecretaryMr. Craig Archercraig.archer59@gmail.comBarbados
TreasurerMr. Ian Patrickpatrick1@candw.kyCayman
DirectorMr. Adrian Burrowsaburrows@jbrbuild.comThe Bahamas
DirectorMr. Patrick Fosterpatrickf@bermudasquash.comBermuda
DirectorMr. David Piperdavidpiper@candw.lcOECS (St. Lucia)
DirectorMr. John & Tobago
DirectorMr. Francisco Paradisisquashvenezuela@gmail.comVenezuela

2009/13 Directors

The previous CASA Directors served from August 2009-11 and were reappointed unopposed to serve for a further two year period beginning August 10, 2011
CASA TitleNameE-MailTerritory
PresidentMr. Craig Archercarcher@caribsurf.comBarbados
Vice-PresidentMs. Karen Andersonbrookine@yahoo.comJamaica
SecretaryMr. Ronald Burch-Smithrburchsmith@hotmail.comGuyana
TreasurerMr. Ian Patrickpatrick1@candw.kyCayman
DirectorMr. Adrian BurrowsABurrows@jbrbuild.comThe Bahamas
DirectorMr. Patrick Fosterpatrickf@bermudasquash.comBermuda
DirectorDr. Sherian Slatersherianslater@gmail.comOECS (St. Vincent)
DirectorMrs. Cathy de Gannes-Martintrinisquasher@gmail.comTrinidad & Tobago
DirectorMr. Francisco Paradisicisco5@cantv.netVenezuela

2008/09 Directors

The previous officers of CASA were elected unopposed to serve for the period January 2008 to August 2009
CASA TitleNameE-MailTerritory
PresidentMr. Roger & Tobago
Vice-PresidentMrs. Nicole Currienicolecurrie@hotmail.comTrinidad & Tobago
SecretaryMrs. Michele Cornilliacsignstoptt@gmail.comTrinidad & Tobago
Treasurer *Mr. Earl Wilsonewilson.beil@wow.netTrinidad & Tobago
5th OfficerMs. Karen Andersonbrookine@yahoo.comJamaica
6th OfficerMr. Ian Patrickpatrick1@candw.kyCayman
7th OfficerMr. Craig Archercarcher@caribsurf.comBarbados

2005/07 Directors

The previous full CASA General meeting was held during the 2005 CASA Championships in Trinidad in August 2005. The officers of CASA elected at that General Meeting on August 9, 2005 for the period September 2005 to the end of 2007.
CASA TitleNameE-MailTerritory
PresidentMr. Douglas Beckfordsquashmanja@hotmail.comJamaica
Vice-PresidentMajor John Nelsondjnelson@kasnet.comJamaica
SecretaryMrs. Gillian Binniegillbin@yahoo.comJamaica
TreasurerMr. Raymond Binniebalfjam@hotmail.comJamaica
5th OfficerMr. Roger
6th OfficerMrs. Cathy DeGannes-Martintrvlcentre@wow.netTrinidad
7th OfficerMr. Craig Archercarcher@caribsurf.comBarbados

2003/05 Directors

A general meeting of CASA was also held during the 2003 CASA Championships in Barbados in August, 2003. The officers of CASA elected at that General Meeting on August 30, 2003 for the period September 2003 to August 2005
CASA TitleNameE-MailTerritory
PresidentMrs. Denise Kymedk@northrock.bmBermuda
Vice-PresidentMr. Bob Stewartrstewart@ibl.bmBermuda
SecretaryMr. Roger Sherrattrsherrat@ibl.bmBermuda
TreasurerMr. John Stoutjstout@ibl.bmBermuda
5th OfficerMr. Craig Archercarcher@caribsurf.comBarbados
6th OfficerMr. Roger
7th OfficerMr. Colin Mingmpsgy@networksgy.comGuyana