2013/14 CASA Directors

The new President of CASA is Mr. Ronald Burch-Smith, the former CASA Secretary, who replaced Mr. Craig Archer, who had served the maximum permissible two consecutive 2-year terms as President. Mr. Burch-Smith is a seasoned administrator and is a former President of the Guyana Squash Association. Outside of squash he is an Attorney-at-Law, practicing in Guyana and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. He is currently also President of the Guyana Bar Association and the President Elect of the Rotary Club of Georgetown.

The CASA Directors will serve for a period of two years beginning August 16, 2013. They are as follows:

2013/15 Directors

The previous CASA Directors served from August 2013-15 and were reappointed unopposed to serve for a further two year period beginning August 16, 2013
CASA TitleNameE-MailTerritory
PresidentMr. Ronald Burch-Smith[email protected]Guyana
Vice-PresidentMr. Douglas Beckford[email protected]Jamaica
SecretaryMr. Craig Archer[email protected]Barbados
TreasurerMr. Ian Patrick[email protected]Cayman
DirectorMr. Adrian Burrows[email protected]The Bahamas
DirectorMr. Patrick Foster[email protected]Bermuda
DirectorMr. David Piper[email protected]OECS (St. Lucia)
DirectorMr. John Holley[email protected]Trinidad & Tobago
DirectorMr. Francisco Paradisi[email protected]Venezuela

Mr. Burch-Smith claims to be an occasionally able-bodied squash player, cyclist and infrequent jogger. He is married to a non-squash player, but suggests that this is being remedied: “…the non-squash playing part, not the marriage!”

The outgoing CASA President, Mr. Craig Archer, who has been on the CASA Executive Committee continuously since 1999 was elected as the new CASA Secretary and is from Barbados. He continues as the current Caribbean Director on the Executive Committee of the Pan American Squash Federation (FPS).

There are currently nine (9) member associations of CASA: 1) the Bahamas 2) Barbados 3) Bermuda 4) Cayman Islands 5) Guyana 6) Jamaica 7) the O.E.C.S. 8) Trinidad and Tobago 9) Venezuela. It was agreed at the AGM in 2009 that each member will be entitled to have one representative (also known as a “CASA Director”) on the Executive Committee of CASA, It was also agreed that the Senior CASA Squash Championships (which had been held biennially since 1977) would become an annual event from 2010. As a result the biennial Southern Caribbean Squash Championships (last held in 2008 in Guyana) were discontinued.

General Meetings of CASA used to be held every two years to coincide with the staging of the senior CASA Championships but have been held annually from 2009. The next CASA AGM will be held during the Senior CASA XXII which will be hosted by the BSA in Barbados in August, 2014. The most recent CASA General Meeting was held on August 16, 2013 during the 21st Senior Caribbean Squash Championships that were successfully hosted by the GSA at the Georgetown Club in Guyana from August 11-17, 2013.