Guyana win 2004 SCC Title

Guyana made a clean sweep of the Banks Mini Malta-sponsored Southern Caribbean Squash Championships by winning both the men’s and ladies’ team titles yesterday at the Georgetown club

Guyana’s ladies defeated Barbados by a 4-1 margin, while the local men won by a similar margin also over Barbados.

2004 Team Champs – Guyana
2004 Team 2nd Place – Barbados
2004 Team 3rd Place – OECS


In the veterans’ category, only Dennis `Big Youth’ Dias kept the Golden Arrowhead aloft, winning three games in as many matches. He was crowned Southern Caribbean men’s over-50 `King’ at last night’s presentation.

Speaking to Stabroek Sport, Guyana Squash Asso-ciation President Andrew Arjoon said: “I’m really happy and proud of the team’s performance. They worked very hard during the year to ensure they won this championship and their hard work has paid off.”

Arjoon said he is pleased with the way the championships have been conducted and thanked all the hard-working persons for their support.

He made special mention of Banks’ Mini Malta, the major sponsor of the championships as well as the other corporate sponsors who came forward in a time of need.

In last night’s men’s results: Shawn Badrinauth defeated Gavin Cumberbatch 9/7, 4/9, 9/5, 9/3; Robert Fernandes beat Shawn Simpson 5/9, 9/4, 9/4, 9/2; Damien DaSilva edged Rhett Cumberbatch 9/6, 7/9, 9/3, 10/9; Regan Pollard lost to John Cumberbatch 5/9, 6/9, 7/9; Ramon Chan-A-Sue lost to Marlon White 7/9, 6/9, 6/9.

Earlier yesterday, Guyana’s women beat Barbados 4-1 through victories from Nicolette Fernandes, Gillian Griffith-Lillico, Kathy Shuffler and Denise Jeffrey. Chantelle Fernandes lost her match.

Nicolette Fernandes beat Karen Meakins 9/4, 10/8, 9/6; Shuffler beat Lilianna White 9/2, 9/2, 9/6; Griffith-Lillico defeated Andrea Goodridge 9/0, 9/3, 9/6; Jeffrey beat Nadia McCarthy 9/4, 9/1, 9/3; Chantelle Fernandes lost 9/0, 6/9, 7/9, 5/9.

Yesterday also, OECS ladies beat Trinidad 4-1.

Cheryl Renwick beat Cathy Martin 3-0; Greta Primus defeated Tessa Martin 3-0; Alanna Simmons beat Dianne Julien 3-0 and Lindy Alexander beat Joanna Scoon 3-0. Both teams had only four ladies.

In the veterans’ category, OECS won 3-0 through victories from Sherian Slater who beat Michelle Cornelliac 3-0 in the ladies over-40; Jon Osmon who defeated Lewis Smith 3-0 in the men’s over-50; and Colin Alexander who secured a walk-over from the injured John Holley.

On Friday evening, Guyana defeated OECS. In the men’s competition, Shawn Badrinauth defeated James Bentick 9/1, 9/1, 9/0; Robert Fernandes defeated Charlie Sonson 1/9, 9/7, 9/0, 9/7; Ramon Chan-a-Sue lost to Karl Nassief 10/8, 6/9, 6/9, 2/9; Damien DaSilva defeated Dion Anselm 9/4, 9/4, 9/0; Jerry Bell defeated Shane Slater 9/1,9/1,9/4.

Guyana’s ladies also defeated OECS 5-0, while in the veterans category Guyana lost to OECS 1-2. Guyana’s lone winner was Dennis Dias who beat Jon Osmon 9/6, 2/9, 9/6, 9/0 in the men’s over-50.

And then there was the after-party!

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